Japanese tattoos and yakuza story

 unique facts about the Japanese yakuza tattoo, yakuza has its own uniqueness in carrying out crimes and played a role in the community. Yakuza like organization, has offices, members, and rules, and unique gossip about this organization remains alive even recorded by many foreign authors.
Unique tattoos latest

One well-known icons of the Yakuza is a tattoo that meets their entire body. They use the traditional Japanese method for making tattoos, known as irezumi. This tattoo as a sign of courage against the pain of tattooing methods in the body. Generally tattoo of a dragon, mountains, and women. Interestingly, Yakuza-style tattoo is now favored by people who had nothing to do with the Yakuza. Tattoo stigma still attached firmly in Japanese society. To the extent that the mayor of Osaka prohibit employees to use tattoos. The government offers a way to enforce the ban, namely to remove the tattoo, out of a job, or find another job in a private company.

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