hollywood male celebrity tattoos

hi friends, tattoo enthusiasts, this is the design hollywood male celebrity tattoos, If you see a celebrity, certainly is not foreign anymore, because the film is starring in his very popular anywhere in the world. it turns out they can not be separated by drawing tattoos that adorn his body, to make it look even more amazing.

David Beckham tattoos
David Beckham tattoos sleeves,celebrity,blackandgrey
Football star David Beckham has almost all of his tattoos done by his longtime artist Louis Malloy. Most of his tattoos are dedicated to his wife, former Posh Spice (from the 90s pop girl band Spice girls) Victoria Beckham. Beckham has a Sanskrit tattoo of his wife which was unfortunately misspelled as "Vihctoria". Sanskrit doesn't always translate correctly as it is entirely different from Alphabet letters, but the Beckhams don't seem to mind.

Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock"
Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" hollywood male celebrity tattoos

Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" has the meaning Samoa arm tribal tattoos dedicated to family and spirituality. Patters form the arms symbolize different things. tattoos contain coconut leaves, or niu --- tattoo shows Samoa Chief Warrior, lucky Sun, tattoo around his O lo'u to'a (wife), Dany, and his lo'u afafine (daughter), Simone Alexandra crawled into chest, next to his heart, spinning down from the past, present and future --- with future becomes larger, two eye-called "O eye E Lua" to represent the ancestors oversees the running, big eyes --- symbol allows the bearer to have the spirit of the enemy, a broken face is marked w / sharks teeth --- a symbol of strength and struggle, achievement and abundance of some stones to represent the basis of life, and a tortoise shell to ward off evil spirits.

Gerard Tyson 
Gerard Tyson  hollywood male celebrity tattoos
The former undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World Michael Gerard Tyson directing the public interest & curiosity after getting famous tribal tattoo on his face. Some fans dig it, some do not. But according to the documentary Tyson at Tyson face tattoo represents his "warrior spirit", like that of a warrior tattoo ancestor with a face tattoo Maori, Samoa, Polynesia, and so forth. In addition to a facial tattoo, Tyson also got Mao Tse-Tung and Arthur Ashe tattoo on his arm, and Che Guevara in his stomach.

Travis Barker
 Travis Barker hollywood male celebrity tattoos
percussion badass of American punk rock band Blink 182 said that he would prefer to go completely sober when getting a tattoo. He said he enjoyed the pain, and it's something she likes to look forward to. Tattoo collection includes "Pal" tattoo --- tattoo that matched him with his father, I can say banner (the name of a good friend of his first album), Pin-up under her neck (a lucky charm, he says), Cadillac emblem on his chest Jesus Christ on her left arm, a symbol Chevy w / rose and the name of his daughter, Alabama in his left hand, a tattoo memorial to her mother (right arm), Memorial tattoos for Little Chris & DJ AM in the thigh, and lots more! Some Barker tattoos burned off after the accident, but he is looking forward to touch them immediately.

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