Worst Celebrity Cleavage Tattoos

If you have become an actress or pop star, chances is a that your body is more or less perfect. Unfortunately, most of the actresses and Popstars also has a bit of an attitude. And what is more clear way to express the fact that you have an aggressive side rather than getting a tattoo - right in the middle of your chest! Here is a tattoo that does not add anything to her beauty

Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse, Worst Celebrity Cleavage Tattoos

Mutya Buena
Mutya Buena, Worst Celebrity Cleavage Tattoos
Mutya says big earrings hoopy! Mutya says leopard skin / gold Puffa jacket combo! Mutya Rose Tattoo says terrible! It is not necessarily one of these things we have a problem with, but all of them together. Combined with a top U-shaped and what do you get? How terrible it comes from a former Sugababe.

Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari, Worst Celebrity Cleavage Tattoos
Mena Suvari has the phrase 'Word, Sound, Power' tattooed on his back and what looks like a squiggle on the front. Actually it is a '13' from '13 lucky ', apparently, rather than, for example, "third line of contact." We're pretty sure that "13" is an unlucky number, but what the hell. Simone's husband Sestito Mena has a match of '13', making the TATT deliciously romantic. Coincidentally, the Hell's Angels used to get the number "13" sewn on their jackets to signify his love of 'm' (the thirteenth letter of the alphabet) of 'marijuana'. Just a coincidence, however, we are sure.

 Miley Cyrus
 Miley Cyrus, Worst Celebrity Cleavage Tattoos
Miley might seem like a slight young thing nowadays, but, what with the tattoos and the new rock look, she’ll soon morph into Lindsay and eventually one day go all Britney. And it’ll be awful.

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