How to Make a Non-Permanent Tattoos

how to make a tattoo is not permanent
How to Make a Non-Permanent Tattoos
1. Ink
Since the ink is expensive and must Orders to Germany or studio, you can replace the same Hair Dyes. Yesterday I use miranda hair polish cheap and can hold 3 weeks. If you use hair dye cream developer ga not using that yes.
2. Toothpick & Brush Painting
For paintbrushes, On Edge Tajamin Stems
3. Tissue / Wipe Clean
4. Small Markers
5. Paper Oil (white)
6. Rexona Roll On / Handbody also be

7. Take markers
-> Thick on body image
-> Use markers, let me clear pictures
8. Take the ink / paint powder
-> Enter into the container
-> Thawed use hot water, cold water if Myspace bad happens, the ink will not dilute clot
-> Deh stir until dilute
-> Do not be too watery, later in life fits into the ink body overflowing everywhere, crushed tattoo
9. Test all ink dilution
-> Use a toothpick
-> Enter the toothpick into the ink that has been diluted
-> Lift a toothpick, if the ink is not dripping, it means that the ink is ideal for downloading tattoo
10. Tattoo - an
-> Lay tattoos on the body follows the printed image
-> Starting from the deepest let the hand there is the foundation for other parts tattooed

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